I started "Go For Wardrobe" after seeing a need for quality local wardrobe department professionals to work within the music industry. I’ve travelled all over the world working in the wardrobe departments for artists such as Beyoncé, KISS, Madonna and Rod Stewart, often as the Head of Department, and I’ve had my fair share of terrible wardrobe staff!  

A problem I often see is local wardrobe staff provided by crewing companies based on the facts that:

  • they are women 
  • they aren't working in catering today
  • they have a sewing machine

But how hard can it be to iron a few shirts and steam some dresses?

It's certainly not rocket science but there are certain techniques to use, especially when ironing Saint Laurent silk shirts and couture leotards encrusted with Swarovski® crystals. 

Dave’s wife makes curtains doesn't she? She'll have a sewing machine!

Well great, how is she at french seaming a hand beaded, one of a kind Balmain gown?

Believe me, it's an uncomfortable feeling when you've given a local seamstress a beautiful, handmade gown from a Parisian atelier to alter and you go to put it on the artist mid-show only to realise it doesn't fit anymore! Or when you present your local wardrobe person with a rail of clothing to steam and you receive a blank look in return. I've also been given crew because they are huge superfans of that particular artist, which never ends well.  

At "Go For Wardrobe" we only provide experienced seamstresses and dressers, specialising in the fast paced music industry. All staff we provide have the skills, competence and professionalism to deliver the best results every time. This ensures it's one less thing for you to have to worry about on gig day.

Our Mission

"Go For Wardrobe" aim to be the market leader in supplying costume and wardrobe solutions and professionals within the music industry. We are committed to delivering a professional and courteous service with the ideal wardrobe team for your event or show. 

How We Deliver

We only provide experienced, reliable, hard-working costume and wardrobe professionals. All staff are sourced and interviewed face-to-face by "Go For Wardrobe" to guarantee the high standards to which we hold ourselves and our representatives.

Where We Cover

"Go For Wardrobe" can supply wardrobe professionals to every major arena and sporting venue in England and Wales, for every size of gig imaginable. Got a special one off gig in a forest somewhere? We've got you covered. A huge three day festival just off a motorway? No problem. Whether you need one wardrobe assistant for a laundry call or six seamstresses and ten dressers for a super show, we can help. Just get in touch and let us know what you need, we can hook you up.

Why We Do It

  • Music and fashion are our passion
  • We feel that every gig deserves the best crew possible, including the wardrobe department
  • We realise it can be difficult to find the right people for your wardrobe department, and aim to simplify the process for you 
  • We love delivering the best results and impressing people wherever music and wardrobe meet

Do you like what you see?